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In Love And War (2001)

Actors: Toby Jones, Barbora Bobulova, Peter Bowles, Callum Blue, John Warnaby
Director: John Kent Harrison
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 2004-02-19
Audio tracks: Dolby Surround: English

Subtitles: None
Format: Wide screen
Running time: 98 Minutes

Synopsis: While leading an ill-fated commando raid behind enemy lines during World War II, British lieutenant Eric Newby (Callum Blue) is captured and imprisoned. As Italy's fascist government collapses, the prisoners escape just ahead of advancing German troops. When an injury leaves Eric stranded and on his own, a chance meeting with a young Italian woman, Wanda (Barbara Bobulova), saves his live. Wanda and her family help Eric to hide, and she secretly teaches him Italian to conceal his identity and avoid recapture. As the two spend more time together, Eric discovers his feelings for Wanda have grown far beyond gratitude. This newly-found love is shared by his beautiful rescuer. Every day, however, the Germans seem to get closer on finding him. Wanda and her friends face increasing risks to find new ways to keep him safe. When fascist sympathizers lead the Nazis directly to Eric, he faces an agonizing choice. IF he tries to escape, Wanda and all of the people who have helped will likely be killed. If he surrenders and is sent to a POW camp, he will probably never see Wanda again. Fate brought them together, but now one decision could separate them forever.

Special Features: Digitally Mastered, Production Notes, Cast and Crew Biorgaphies

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