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Sleepwalking (2008)

Actors: Dennis Hopper, Woody Harrelson, Charlize Theron, Annasophia Rob, Nick Stahl
Director: Bill Maher (II)
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 2008-07-15
Audio tracks: English 5.1
French 5.1
Subtitles: English
Format: Wide screen
Running time: 101 mins

Synopsis: Jolene Reedy (Oscar winner Charlize Theron) is a disillusioned single mother prone to bad men and reckless behavior. Her younger brother James (Nick Stahl of In The Bedroom and Carnivale) is a weak- willed underachiever who can't hold a job. But when Jolene abandons her 12-year-old daughter (AnnaSophia Robb of Bridge To Terebithia) with James, uncle and niece make a fateful decision to flee to the farm of James and Jolene's abusive father (Academy Award nominee Dennis Hopper). In a past plagued by dark secrets, can family prove to be the most desperate bond of all? Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson co-stars in this acclaimed Sundance Festival Premiere Selection about the cycles of love, loss and waking up to the first day of the rest of your life.

Special Features: *A Mother's Shame
*A family's Pain
*The making Of Sleepwalking

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