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No Good Deed (2002)

Actors: Jonathan Higgins, Doug Hutchison, Stellan Skarsgård, Milla Jovovich, Samuel L. Jackson
Director: Bob Rafelson
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 2003-11-11
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1: English
Dolby Digital 5.1: French
Format: Full Screen
Running time: 97 Minutes

Synopsis: Samuel L. Jackson (S.W.A.T., Basic, XXX) Milla jovovich (Resident Evil, The Messenger: Story Of Joan Of Arc) Stellan Skarsgard (The Glass House, Ronin) and Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile, The Salton Sea) star in this pulse-pounding crime thriller based on a work by Dashiel Hammett and directed by the acclaimed Oscar Nominee (1970, Five Easy Pieces, best picture) Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces, Blood and Wine)
A missing persons investigation escalates into a deadly game of cat and moouse when detective Jack (Jackson) is captured and held hostage by a gang of brutal thieves in the process of an elaborate bank robbery. Cruel mastermind Tyrone (Skarsgard), manipluative girlfriend Erin (Jovovich), and deranged henchman Hoop (Hutchison) are locked in a dangerous web of deceit, double-cross and romantic intrigue, making Jack a pawn in the lethal high stakes plot. Against all odds, Erin and Jack, find themselves romantically drawn to each other, igniting a volatile love triangle that turns deadly as the body count rises. Deception is the rule in this action-packed, pitch-black thriller that will hld you in suspense until the final frame.

Special Features: None

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