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Actors: Bryan Brown, Tom Jackson, Oliver Tobias
Director: Stewart Raffill
Genre: Family
Release Date: 2000-12-12
Audio tracks: English Dolby Digital
Format: Full Screen
Running time: 94 min

Synopsis: Harry Bankston (Richard Harris) sits around a campfire and tells his grandchidlren about the greatest adventure of his life: when his own father, Tyrone Bankston (Bryan Brown), took him on a bear hunt to the lendary Grizzly Falls. Harry's father wanted to acapture a grizzly bear...alive!

Young Harry (Daniel Clark) was joined by a native tracker, Joshua (TOm Johnson) and Genet ( oliver TObias) a creul professional hunter, on the journey into the Canadian wild west. Everything starts to go wrong when they capture a pair of grizzly cubs. The cubs' mother finds them locked in a cage and in her anger abducts young Harry and sets off of on a an amazing trek through the mountains. The bear nurtures the boy and teaches him how to survive in the wild as Harry learns of the power within him. When he is re-united with his father they discove a new bond as they fight to save the bear and her cubs from the evil Genet.

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