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Johnny Suede(1991)

Actors: Nick Cave, Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt, Catherine Keener
Director: Tom DiCillo
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 2008-01-17
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital Mono - English
Format: Full Screen
Running time: 93 Min

Synopsis: Brad Pitt plays Johnny Suede, an ultra-cool Brooklyn rocker with a sweet and naive disposition and a healthy ego. And he always has a good hair day. Writer/director Tom DiCillo (THE REAL BLONDE, LIVING IN OBLIVION) tells the tale of a boyish wanna be rocker who wears cool suede and a ceiling busting pompadour to get his attitude in gear. One of Brad Pitt's earlier movie acting roles.

This film won the Locarno International Film Festival's Golden Leopard Award in 1991. It was also exhibited at both the Toronto and Deauville Film Festivals. Directorial debut for writer/director Tom DiCillo, who previously worked as a cameraman on "Stranger Than Paradise" and "Variety." Song credits: "Travellin' Man" written by Jerry Fuller; "Never Girl," "Mamma's Boy," "Midtown" written and performed by Steve Flynn; "Midtown" performed by Calvin Leeds, Christopher Faris, Steve Grandinetti; "Hotel Loneliness," "Don't Leave Me," "Viva Zapata" co-written by Olive Wray; "Are You Hectic" by Christoph Dreher, Jochen Arbeit, Rainer Lingk, Thomas Wydler. Additional cast: Alison Moir (Darlette), Richard Boes (Man in Tuxedo), Cheryl Costa (Woman in Alley), Michael Luciano (Mr. Clepp), Peter McRobbie (Flip Doubt), Dennis Parlato (Dalton), Ralph Marrero (Bartender), Wilfredo Giovanni Clark (Slick), Michael Mulheren (Fred Business), Wayne Maugans (Ned Business), Joseph Barry (The Cowboy), John David Barone (Bernard), Evelyn Solann (Old Woman), Ahmed Ben Larby (Cab Driver). Additional credits: Alain Klarer (co-producer), Bruno Pesery (co-producer), Janet Jacobson (co-producer), Patricia Woodbridge (production designer), Rob Hallenbake (assistant director), Lizzie Gulczynski (special design consultant), Dominick Tavella (sound). Shot on location in New York; color by DuArt. Produced in association with Balthazar Pictures.

Special Features: *Audio commentary with director Tom Dicillo
*Photo gallery

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