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New Police Story (2004)

Actors: Jackie Chan, Charlie Young, Charlene Choi, Coco Chiang, Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse
Director: Benny Chan
Genre: Action
Release Date: 2007-02-27
Audio tracks: English- Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo
Cantonese- Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Cantonese
Format: Wide screen
Running time: 123 Min

Synopsis: A police officer has been disgraced in front of both the department and the entire city, and when the sadistic gang that wronged him attempts to cement their grip on the terrified community, the only man who can come to their aid is the one nobody believes in anymore as the long-running Police Story saga receives an exciting breath of fresh-air from director Benny Chan. Police Inspector Wing (Chan) used to be Hong Kong's top cop, but when his entire team is wiped out by a youthful group of cold-blooded bank robbers, Wing quickly falls into a deep depression. A year after everyone including Wing's fiancée has lost their faith in the fallen police inspector, Wing gets a second shot at glory when he is assigned an ambitious new partner and given the opportunity to bring the gang that nearly destroyed his life to justice.

Special Features:
- Jackie Chan DVD Introduction
- Scene Commentaries with Jackie Chan
- English Dubbing with Jackie
- The Making of New Police Story
- Trailers

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