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Fay Grim (2006)

Actors: James Urbaniak, Liam Aiken, Elina Lowensohn, Saffron Burrows, Parker Posey, Jeff Goldblum
Director: Hal Hartley
Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 2007-08-28
Audio tracks: English- Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles: Spanish
Format: Wide screen
Running time: 118 Min

Synopsis: Fay Grim (Parker Posey) is afraid her son Ned (Liam Aiken) will turn out like his father, Henry, who has been a fugitive for seven years. Fay's brother, Simon, is serving a prison sentence for helping Henry escape the country. Adding to her trials, Fay is approached by a CIA agent (Jeff Goldblum) to help find Henry's missing notebooks in exchange for Simon's freedom. The mission escalates into a global con-game that plunges Fay deep into the deadly politics of espionage.

Special Features: - Making of Fay Grim
- Higher Definitions: Fay Grim Episode
- Deleted Scenes
- Hal Hartley's Fay Grim Trailer

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